Results Leadership

Talk to enough business leaders about their challenges and you’ll notice a pattern begin to emerge:

  • You will find some expressing their frustration over the disruption and staggering costs of employee turnover.
  • Other business leaders show reluctance to delegate more responsibility to key employees because they had been disappointed so many times before.
  • Some are concerned about how they are going to grow their companies without the chaos and costs that often result.
  • There are many who are puzzling over how to help important team members who are struggling to keep up with the demands of a constant change in the marketplace or workforce.
  • A few are searching for ways to engage top employees who showed real promise without a clear promotion pathway.

Do you see the pattern? We saw it clearly and we developed Results Leadership to address these challenges.

These Leadership Development processes help CEOS, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Non Profit executives develop their key people. As a result, their organizations excel rather than struggle.

Our unique programs combine the cost-saving benefits of group courses with the company-boosting benefits of customized action planning—all while providing the individual flexibility of independent study.

You’ve probably experienced the cost and frustration of sending key employees off to a seminar, workshop, or training program only to see them come back full of enthusiasm and ideas which have no immediate bearing on your organization. We’ve all seen it. And, we’ve all seen that enthusiasm evaporate shortly after returning to the reality of your workplace.

Results Leadership avoids all that and puts you, your organization and your key people organization on a path to success rather than failure.

How refreshing would it be if, during the leadership development process, your people engaged you in meaningful discussion over the future of your organization, your goals, and your plans and then built an Action Plan to accomplish them? That’s just one of the key features of Results Leadership. Because it involves you and your organization and doesn’t take place in a vacuum, you’ll see real, meaningful results!

For example, a local tech support company nearly tripled its revenue and doubled its workforce after completing the Executive Leadership Development Process. Local business owner Ken M. remarks, “As a result of Leading Logic’s program, I’ve really been able to work my priorities and truly connect with my customers and my team.”

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