Companies of all types and sizes have come to trust Business Consulting Services FounderLeading Logic for our commitment to Business Results for Life. Our business consulting services lead to real, lasting results so you can enjoy the business, career and personal life that matters most to you.

Founder and CEO Jack Schammel has been a corporate leader, entrepreneur, consultant, coach and speaker for more than 20 years. He advises companies and provides business consulting services both locally and abroad.  Jack is an expert in leadership development, strategy, process improvement, and coaching. He provides business consulting services that get clients business results for life.

Leading Logic serves clients across the Mid-Atlantic and, thanks to the growing adoption of video conferencing technology, we have been helping clients nationwide. To learn more, click here or check out our FAQ.

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Business Consulting Services That Work

When you decide to take control of your business and your life, Leading Logic’s business consulting services get the job done. You are the architect of your own future. Our business consulting services help you build your future to match your vision. Your goals are what drives every engagement and we help you tackle every problem and every opportunity. Here are some examples:

  • Third generation HVAC business owner had no succession plan. Above all, he had no exit strategy, and no time for personal pursuits. As a result of our work, he has key people who consistently delight customers, grow the business profitably, and a successor who is growing nicely into the role.
  • Health and Fitness founder wanted a way out of her business within 5 years. She hated the stress of being disorganized and seeing her spa nearly empty. So she asked for our help. As a result, within 2 years, she had reached full capacity. In addition, she systematized her operation so it would run efficiently without her. Consequently, she sold the business for a premium price.
  • Technical Services company founder was facing immediate shutdown due to a lack of business. With our guidance, he created a practical marketing and sales process. Subsequently, the business grew to over $2 million per year.

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