Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Many business leaders have expressed interest in Business Results for Life. Here are some questions that often come up, along with their answers.

What are business results for life?

Business results for life has two primary meanings. First, it means that our clients get lasting results for their business. They avoid temporary, short-term band-aids. They learn and apply techniques to better manage their companies. As a result, our clients see enduring improvement in their companies.

The second meaning refers to the personal side of the equation. Too many executives and business owners have too little time to enjoy life. We help them create the time to enjoy life. Remember, your company should work for youβ€”not the other way around.

What kind of results are we talking about?

It depends on your priorities. Our clients have made significant improvements in a number of key areas and, as a result, reaped benefits like these:

Sales – increased quarterly revenue from just a few thousand to several hundred thousand

Profits – went from barely making ends meet to growing a 6-digit bottom line and a secure future

Time Management – tamed overwhelming chaos to master getting things done and still having a life

Leadership – learned how to bring out the best in others to truly delight customers

Employee Engagement – doubled sales slashed turnover by tapping into employee ingenuity

Accountability – dramatically reduced customer and employee turnover

Process Improvement – reduced wasted material, time, and money and doubled sales

Turnkey Operation – created systems to be free of daily involvement in the business while it still flourishes

Team Effectiveness – reshaped a dysfunctional group into a high-performing team that quadrupled revenue

Strategy and Planning – stopped putting out daily fires by creating and implementing a clear plan

Succession Planning / Exit Planning – sold the business to a key employee by laying the groundwork to make it possible

Is it expensive?

Our clients invest in themselves and their companies. As a result, they earn impressive returns on their investments (ROI). Of course, results do vary depending on how committed one is to following through on crucial implementation steps and to making the needed changes.