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Business Coach

Lasting results for your company—and your life. You’ve worked hard to build your company and you deserve to have it work just as hard for you.  Further, it should provide for your family and your future. Your business coach will show you how.

Leading Logic will help you get the results you really want. We will guide you along the path to your ideal future. Meanwhile, you will master the skills needed to drive strategic, structural, and cultural changes within your organization. As a result, you will build a superior work force and delight a growing base of loyal customers. Moreover, our clients learn how to align their plans, their people, and their systems to gain a true competitive edge and create the future of their dreams.

Developing your leaders and teams to suit your unique business is crucial. Above all, when it’s time to groom the right leader who will take over for you, the stakes are even higher. Our proven development processes are the solution.

Whether you aim to get and keep more customers, streamline methods you’ve outgrown, or make your organization run better without your constant attention, our systems development process gets real results.

Our performance improvement processes help you gain much-needed clarity. As a result, you will increase profits, improve cash flow, foster employee engagement and boost productivity.

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Why a Business Coach?

Working with a certified business coach will help you achieve your business goals and increase profits. Business coaching works! Fortune magazine asked companies for a conservative estimate of the payoff from having a business coach. Owners described average return of about six times what they had invested in working with a business coach.

Many business owners find it can be lonely at the top but it doesn’t have to be. Business owners often become too focused on the details of the business and with putting out fires. As a result, they develop tunnel vision and are unable to see a path to a better place.

This is where a business coach can help. Your business coach fills a vital need that no one else can meet. He does so by forging a relationship that is highly personalized, goal-focused, Confidential, and real-time.

Business Coach Near Me?

You may be wondering, “Is there a business coach near me?”

Yes! Since 2012, we have been helping companies throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. This area includes Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey, for example. With most people using videoconferencing, we have also been able to help companies in DC, Virginia, and nationwide. There are no geographical barriers to getting business results for life!

Business Coaching Services

A good business coach is objective, unbiased, and a confidential resource. Your coach is a valuable sounding board who places total focus on you. Your coach takes into consideration the full extent of your business as well as your personal situation. Most importantly, you will work through challenges and explore opportunities to grow. As the coaching process progresses, you will gain true clarity over your destination and the path to follow to reach it. As a result, you will become a better leader and communicator. In addition, your coach will also help you master financial, people and process skills.

Does coaching work? According to surveys conducted by the International Coaching Federation, 98.5% of clients are satisfied with their coach. With all the advantages, it is clear that almost any business owner can benefit from an ongoing relationship with a business coach. A good coach can turn raw talent into refined expertise and refined talent into renowned success. Committed business owners who engage a business coach earn an impressive return of 6x or more on their coaching investment!

What About Executive Coaching?

CNN Money reports that executive coaching helps smooth a new promotion and it helps outside hires adjust to the new culture. In addition, it is instrumental in tuning up existing talent. With executive coaching, a certified coach guides the process of strengthening communication skills. In addition, you will strengthen relationships with both superiors and subordinates. Consequently your confidence will grow along with your leadership skills. Above all, business performance skyrockets.

With expert executive coaching, managers reported returns of $100,000 or more, about six times the amount they had spent. You will become a better leader, improve business processes, and maximize profits for your organization. In a recent study reported by Fortune magazine, training alone improved leadership skills by 22%. When combined with Executive Coaching, the improvement jumped to 77%. These executives also learned how to achieve work-life balance–real business results for life!

Online Business Coach?

Is it possible to have an entirely virtual relationship with a business coach? The answer may surprise you—yes! Thanks to technology, you can get business results for life without ever leaving your office, shop, or kitchen table. Leading Logic uses video conferencing, email, and other digital tools to bring your business coach to you.