Time Strategies

Time Management Delaware, Central Maryland Business CoachWe get it. Owning a business means you've got a LOT on your plate. With so many details to manage, it's inevitable that things eventually fall through the cracks and stress levels begin to rise. Leading Logic's unique approach will give you the sense of control and accomplishment that you've been seeking!

Time is a finite resource and we are continuously making decisions throughout each day about how we spend that time. We'll help you clarify what's really important and have confidence that you're making the right choices with your limited time. No crazy gimmicks or mind-numbing systems to learn.

Our 5-session Time Strategies development process takes you on a path to true goal accomplishment, personal satisfaction, and stress elimination. Each session is led by a certified business coach and expert facilitator who works with you virtually–no travel needed. You'll be able to join sessions from your office or your kitchen! Investment: $575, group discounts available.

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