Leadership Development

When you were made a leader you weren't given a crown, you were given the responsibility to bring out the best in others.
― Jack Welch

The challenge has never been greater: In today's environment of accelerating change and increasing uncertainty, only leaders who know who they are and where they are going will succeed. Today's leaders must do more than manage change—they must thrive on it!

Leading Logic embraces this philosophy and offers an Adaptive approach to leadership development. We believe that there is no one-size-fits-all leadership formula. Our leadership development processes take into account the uniqueness of each individual, the nuances of each organization, and the challenge of reinforcing the desired behaviors, knowledge and attitudes.

We offer leadership development programs to fit a range of needs:

  • New and Potential Leaders - equips new leaders with the tools they need to succeed in their new role; equips high-potential team members with the skills they need for positions of greater responsibility.

  • Team Leaders - teams can be highly effective with the right leadership; develops front-line leadership skills right where it's needed most.

  • Managers - improve organizational alignment and tear down silos with a leadership development process aimed right at the core of your organization where the two-way flow of information and expectations often break down.

  • Executives - Build levels of trust and competency that make your executive team the envy of your industry.

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“The benefits from the Management course start with beginning to develop the “Big Picture,” to determining your goals, to minute-by-minute time management. You more than learn about how to do it. You will be doing it by the time the course ends.” – Financial Institution


“Our annual sales review was amazing—we were blessed with huge growth during a very rough economy. Our business grew nearly $1 million in the past 18 months and we wanted to identify why. When I looked at the calendar, it became rather obvious. This dramatic sales increase started as we were completing your Sales and Leadership development project.” – Insurance Industry