In this final installment in a three-part article, Baltimore Business Coach Jack Schammel describes how one company's challenge placed him on a path to help other business owners create their ideal business and dream lifestyle.

It was then that I realized that I simply had to become a business coach.  While I would be able to leverage my previous years as a management consultant, developmental coaching (my chosen path) would rely on a different skill set and test them every day.  Through the RAC  Coaching Academy, I learned the new skill set very quickly and put them to use just as quickly, helping a wide range of coaching clients achieve their goals and change their lives.

I have a deep appreciation for the fact that working with a business or executive coach is a highly personal endeavor and that the outcomes can be as varied as the individuals themselves.   That’s why I pay particular attention to the uniqueness of people and organizations before recommending a particular path to success.  My clients recognize and appreciate that level of attention and their positive feedback provides a daily affirmation that I’ve answered my true calling.

10-11-2013 17:40:50