CEO Roundtables

Baltimore Business Coach, Central Maryland Leadership Development

What is a CEO Roundtable?

A CEO Roundtable is a unique combination of Group Coaching and Peer Advisory Panel. Imagine having a safe, confidential setting in which you can share your deepest concerns and gain valuable insight from your coach and from your peers in non-competing companies.

Each month a certified business coach challenges group members to define business and personal goals, potential obstacles to achieving them, and the likely resources they'll require. Fellow group members, guided by the coach, help each other gain absolute clarity over vision, priorities and action steps. It's like having your own personal board of directors committed solely to your success! That's why we are proud to lead the Susquehanna Business Roundtable (SBR).

What SBR Is Not

Let's be clear: The Susquehanna Business Roundtable is not a lead generation or networking group. SBR's focus is helping our members build stronger, more prosperous companies while helping them strike a comfortable balance between work and lifestyle. By gathering trusted peers in a confidential setting, chief executives and business owners can open up in way unlike they would at work or even at home. You can count on fellow SBR members to bring fresh ideas and sobering candor to every discussion.

It Doesn't Have To Be Lonely At The Top

It can be a very lonely feeling knowing that the buck stops with you. You have a choice to go it alone or to experience how collaboration with trusted peers adds a dimension to your company that you never dreamed was possible. You'll be surprised at how much easier it is to tackle tough situations when you have the support of peers who aren't afraid to tell it like it is. You can't achieve same candor and support at the office or at home and, certainly not alone. Your SBR coach and fellow members will help you craft a clear vision of exactly where you're going and precisely how you'll get there.

Give Us A Try

The best way to understand what this could mean for your business is to come try it out. Even as a welcome guest, you'll be an active participant as long as you agree to maintain strict confidentiality. Once you've determined that SBR is a good fit for you, you'll be one step closer to taking your life and your company to a whole new level. Maybe it's time for a serious dose of accountability and honesty. We're here, the next step is yours. Follow the link to learn about a group near you.

“As a developmental coach, Jack pushed me beyond surface thinking and allowed me to dig deeper. As a direct result of Jacks' coaching, I have clarity around my business goals, what actions I need to take and the results I will achieve. Jack created a safe environment for me to explore the underlying patterns of my thinking and behaviors. Experience Jack and never look back.” - Tom P., Chantilly, VA

"I never would have believed that we would accomplish the expectations that were set out in the first meeting, but we did!” – Service Industry

“The Leadership development process was certainly challenging and eye opening. It gave me insight not only to my weaknesses as a leader but also to my untapped strengths.” – Printing Industry