"One Day to More Money and More Free Time" Will Give You the Step-By-Step Roadmap You Need to Build a Business That Can Bring You the Freedom, Prosperity, and Abundance You Truly Deserve...

What Frustrates You Most About Trying To Make More Money?

Too Much Effort With Too Little Payoff? Lack of focus?

No Blueprint? Not Enough Time? Overload?

Little Results & Income?  Well...


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If You Truly Want More Money, More Business, and More Time Off,
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Chances are, the real reason you're in business is because you want to build a lifestyle, not just a company.


But if you're like most entrepreneurs, you're not even close to having the wealth or freedom you truly desire. And, most likely, it’s because you haven't discovered the essential business building blocks that are required to make the kind of money you deserve.

Oh sure, you may be "free enough" to keep your own schedule, go where you want... when you want. But whether you want to admit it or not, your company would never grow, and your profits would almost certainly crash without you behind the wheel.

You are virtually "chained" to your company every day—day-in, day-out.

And that's where I come in.

I will show you the critical building blocks that allow you to work less and make more money (lots more). With these easy-to-learn principles you'll take your business to levels you've only dreamed of. And that's not puffery – it has worked and continues to work for just about any kind of business you can think of.

Hundreds have profited handsomely from applying these techniques to free themselves from the stranglehold their businesses had on them. And they ultimately learned how to grow their businesses to impressive new levels of financial success and personal freedom.

I’m Jack Schammel, a Certified Business Coach who has helped transform companies around the globe using my insight, knowledge and skills built on decades of entrepreneurial and organizational experience. If there’s a business mistake, I’ve probably either seen it or made it myself and have been using the lessons learned to help people like yourself prosper beyond their wildest dreams.

Discover The Strategies For Boosting Profits And Having More Free Time You’ve Been Seeking.

What I will share with you in my program are the strategies I've accumulated to help clients worldwide build incredibly successful businesses. These are the exact strategies you always wished someone would reveal to you but no one ever did.

ü  How to make your investments in your business work overtime.

ü  How to increase your profits by 61%* with very small adjustments.

ü  How to increase your Net Worth by more than $1 million*.

ü  How to track every aspect of your business so you'll know precisely how well you’re doing.

ü  How to put your business on auto pilot so you can frequently vacation with your family and still enjoy huge paydays.

ü  How to master business building principles so powerful your competition will blink in wonder as you sweep past them.

ü  How to reap profits from your business without spending huge amounts of time and money.

ü  Five Core Factors you are probably neglecting to deliver bigger paydays, more often, with less work.

ü The One Thing you can put in place so you have more time for your family, your friends, and your passion.

ü How to master the mindset that keeps your profits growing year after year.

If you're serious about building a business that will set you free – both financially and time-wise – you need to enroll in my session “One Day to More Money and More Free Time.”

"One Day to More Money and More Free Time" Will Give You the Step-By-Step Roadmap You Need to Build a Business That Can Bring You the Freedom, Prosperity, and Abundance You Truly Deserve...


Because you'll learn how to correctly operate your business and not just spend endless hours at work just trying to keep up. You’ll invest 5 hours to learn the techniques AND create a road map tailored to your business and your goals.

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You’re probably wondering why I would offer such a powerful, proven program for such a low investment. Simple: After seeing how I help achieve breakthrough results, many participants become ongoing coaching clients and truly transform their businesses and their lives forever. And, that’s what it’s really all about!