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Your Leadership Potential

How to Unleash All Your Leadership Potential

There is a steady flow of information in the form of books, articles, white papers, and training all in the context of  "what is leadership" or "how to develop a leader?" In this article, I will avoid those two questions and write about two others that I believe might be on the minds of a lot of readers and they are:

Why does better leadership make a difference? and

How does better leadership achieve those differences?

Leadership is a highly unique form of human behavior that requires the integration of character, knowledge, and experience. What can you do if you step up and unleash your leadership potential? Change the world.

Your journey to unleashing your leadership potential begins with a greater understanding of self. Discover your personality traits and how they relate to leadership. When we know ourselves, we can maximize our positive traits and become aware of our weaker areas, which helps us to achieve our leadership potential. Once you understand and know yourself, next you must hone your communication skills. These are not limited to your public speaking skills either. This includes your writing style and your body language. Your ability to communicate effectively enhances your ability to improve interpersonal relationships. Another important skill is to learn how to learn. Examine different teaching methods and learning styles to identify how you and those you may lead learn best. This skill will greatly enhance your ability to make decisions and give clear instructions.

An exceptional leader recognizes the value of harnessing the skills and abilities of team members and leads them toward greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Leader is not a title, and leadership is not something you are born into. Leadership is something you develop.

This is what Dr. Ken Blanchard, had to say about good leaders in his book "The Heart of A Leader": "If you want to know why your people are not performing well, step up to the mirror and take a peek."

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03-20-2013 10:01:45

Grow 'em

I've been buying amazingly delicious fresh corn from Brad's for several weeks now.  It wasn't until someone asked me a couple of days ago how I managed to get my hands on such sweet, juicy corn this early in the season that I even gave it any thought.

You see, around here, the saying about corn had always been, "knee high by July."  The corn from Brad's is locally grown and always praised by our friends when we take some along to cookouts--most eat it right out of the pot with no embellishments!

While I confess that I do not have the answer to how the wily farmer Brad manages to get us this treat so early in the season, I do know that Brad is more than a farmer.  He's an agricultural entrepreneur who is serious about having fun with the business of farming.

Brad operates multiple remote produce stands and welcomes customers to his Churchville farm where you can find anything from apples to zucchini, including plants and flowers.  In the fall, he operates a corn maze and hay rides out to the pumpkin patch.

The produce is always top-quality and I've noticed a high level of employee loyalty.  Despite having to work in weather that is often inhospitable, I see many of Brad's employees cheerfully return year after year.  Not only is Brad in the business of growing, his business is growing!

As business leaders, we can learn from Brad.  What are you growing?  When I ask this question, I often get the obvious answers: "My bottom line."   "My profitability."  How about growing your employees?  It's been proven time and again that paying some attention to your work force can yield big results in terms of customer loyalty, productivity, and profitability.

So, why not feed and water the crop?  Spend some time helping your work force develop a robust set of attitudes, skills and knowledge to better help you achieve your goals and you'll reap an amazing crop just like Brad.

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07-06-2012 11:12:06