In our previous two articles, we shared how The One Thing can completely transform your business and, as promised, this article will reveal The One Thing—what it is called and why it is important for your company.

The One Thing goes by many names: Systematizing, Systemizing, Enterprise Operating Systems, etc.  We prefer to think of it as creating your Business Operating System.  Just like the operating system makes your laptop, tablet or smartphone do amazing things, your Business Operating System enables your company to function the in a manner that enables you to achieve your ultimate goals.



What Is a Business Operating System?

Your unique business operating system is your formal record of your expectations for doing business the right way.  In one respect, your Business Operating System is an organized collection of your company’s forms, checklists, procedures and other documents that communicate process steps, standards, and record keeping requirements.

But it’s much more than that.  Your Business Operating System makes sure that each person in the organization understands what is expected of them and that they carry out their jobs in a manner that is consistent with your vision and values.  It is your assurance that your customers are consistently treated the way you would treat them.

As Michael Gerber put it in his best-selling E-Myth, your business operating system “…is a proprietary way of doing business that successfully and preferentially differentiates every extraordinary business from every one of its competitors.” That’s why so many smart CEOs have put in place systems that allow them to spend more of their time on strategic matters and they have managed to strike a healthy balance with their personal and business lives.  They have created companies that:

  • Operate independently, without continuous input from the CEO
  • Are capable of sustaining themselves
  • Can be scaled at a pace that meets or exceeds market strategy
  • Create value and provide founders with multiple options for the future
  • Are fun to lead and work in

Future articles will explore in greater detail the profound effects that a well-executed Business Operating System can have on your future and the future of your company. In the meantime, you should get started on your unique Business Operating System now.


06-22-2015 12:16:50