What could a business coach possibly do to help you with your company?  Let’s face it, you’re already the expert in your business and no outsider could possibly understand your company better than you do.  Right?

If you’re like Dave, an auto parts distributor on the East Coast, you’ve already got 18 years of experience and have half of the part numbers and customer phone numbers memorized.  You practically grew up in the business and, when the owner was ready to retire, you were able to buy him out and now the business is yours and you couldn’t be more proud.  And, if you’re like Dave, you’re getting a crash course in all the other things that every business needs to be successful: payroll, accounting, marketing, human resources, information technology, planning, and leadership to name a few.

When we met Dave, he was having a difficult time balancing all of the demands of his new role and was under a great deal of stress.  After taking a step back from the tree to survey the whole forest, Dave quickly realized that a business coach could provide him with:

  1. A fresh perspective.   You’ve probably heard the story of the tractor trailer that became stuck under the old railroad bridge.  The tow truck operator couldn’t get it to budge and the local police were losing patience until a 10-year-old boy riding by on his bike asked, “Why don’t you just let some air out of the tires?”  A business coach can help you see things from a different perspective and identify a whole world of possibilities.

  2. A sounding board.  Sometimes business leaders just need to be able to express their thoughts to someone who is on their side and has only their best interests at heart.  Often we are so consumed with “auto parts” that we don’t have time to seek out good counsel.  A business coach is trained to listen and offer feedback in a meaningful way so that you can test your ideas without risk.

  3. Accountability.  When you make a commitment to someone, you make every effort to stand by it, don’t you?  Of course, that’s what makes you successful.  Often, though, we aren’t as reliable on those commitments we make only to ourselves.  We’ve all made excuses for not doing all the things we set out to accomplish.  A business coach will help keep you focused on your goals and plans to increase your likelihood of success!

Eighteen months later, Dave is more confident and at ease with his role.  His revenue and profitability are growing at a manageable pace while he has made the changes necessary in order for him to free up more time for his family and for fishing.  To be more like Dave, visit us at www.leadinglogic.biz.

06-20-2012 11:27:29