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It’s hard to believe that this month marks the 5-year Anniversary for Leading Logic! A lot can go wrong in 5 years and a lot can go right. One of the many things that went right and a primary reason that time seems to have passed so quickly is that I have had the good fortune and privilege of providing business coaching to so many amazing clients who decided once and for all to make their companies work for them instead of being consumed by their companies. I congratulate and thank every one of you!

Although I value the relationship I have with every single client, some have left indelible impressions on me as they pursued their journeys of personal and business growth. Melissa at Kuzma Technical Enterprises rose to meet every challenge and now has an impressive team working with her. Linda at Chesapeake Health and Fitness combined creativity and systemization to continue growing.

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04-04-2017 15:53:00

How to Turn Complaints Into Loyal Customers

When a customer complains, is it possible for them to become a Loyal Customer or are they lost forever? It depends on how your company handles the complaint. If you create not only a positive outcome, but a positive encounter, you have a pretty good shot at creating a loyal customer.

Of customers with minor problems that are handled quickly, 95% will repurchase from that organization; 82% will purchase again even if it is a major problem that has been resolved. On the other hand, if a major issue goes unresolved, only 14% will repurchase.

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01-17-2017 21:20:04

What Have You Done?

I love that question! I have to confess that the first time I heard it, my mother was actually making the statement, “Look at the mess you’ve made!”

For the purpose of this article, the question we’re really asking is, “What have you done to make 2016 your best year ever?” Well-intentioned New Year’s resolutions have long been forgotten by many. Others have simply succumbed to the daily grind and allowed life to take over, putting their plans on the perpetual back burner.

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02-12-2016 21:42:26

Is Business Insanity on the Rise?

The practice of doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

You would think that this definition would become less and less accurate over time as more people are exposed to it. And you would be wrong. Small business owners (and more than a few executives in larger firms) seem to be determined to prove this particular stereotype true year after year.

And, with another year just about in the books, it’s worthwhile to take a moment to explore some of the key symptoms of business insanity to help you identify and treat this dangerous disease.

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12-28-2015 17:39:09

6 Steps to Even Better Results in 2016

With only 1/12 of the year remaining, it’s the ideal time to take stock and consider how you’ll get better results in 2016. This is the perfect time of year to pinpoint just where you are and clarify where you’re headed, whether you’re delighted with the way 2015 has gone so far or you’re disappointed and frustrated you haven’t been able to reach the level of success you originally imagined.

A sound process for introspection and goal-setting will position you for superior results in the coming year. Here are six steps you should take and why they’re important:

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12-01-2015 15:19:31

Promoting And Winning

Business owners and key executives are always looking for good talent and often ask if I would refer potential candidates. Although I ultimately agree to keep my eyes peeled for such talent, my mind always wanders to the question, “Why not simply promote from within?”

This is actually a misnomer. One either promotes an existing employee (promoting from within) or one hires an external candidate to fill a position (promoting without?). So, we’re really talking about promoting key employees versus hiring externally to fill a vacancy.

I’m a big fan of promoting employees. When properly planned and executed, it works wonders for employee morale and customer loyalty. It is less risky and less costly, especially compared to external hires that end up being a poor fit.

Need more reasons? Employees already know your customers, your values, and how the organization works. There’s tremendous value stored in the institutional memory. External candidates generally have no idea about these factors and may never fully adapt to your culture. Employees who see the potential for growth within the organization are more loyal to the organization and convey their feelings to customers. Conversely, employees who only see a dead end send negative vibes to customers.

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08-27-2015 12:15:29

A Pattern And A Solution

Early this year, I noticed a pattern in what business leaders were saying throughout the region:

  • Some were expressing frustration over turnover among key employees and the disruption and cost incurred as a result.
  • Others were reluctant to delegate more responsibility to key employees because they had been disappointed so many times before.
  • Some were concerned about how they were going to handle important inflection points in their growth.
  • Others observed that important team members were struggling to keep up with the demands of a changing marketplace or workforce.
  • A few were searching for ways to engage top-notch employees who showed real promise but had no immediate promotion pathway.

Do you see the pattern? So did I.

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08-22-2015 13:38:12

The One Thing ... The Rest Of The Story

This is the fourth in a series of articles on The One Thing, which we revealed to be your unique Business Operating System.

Until you put your unique business operating system in place, your business will control your life.  To understand what this means, it helps to fully examine all of the benefits of a good Biz OS.  Once you learn the powerful impact it can have on your business, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t already completed your own unique business operating system.

One of the most important benefits of your Biz OS is that it enables your business to work without you.  It provides clear instructions for carrying out the business of the organization in a way that lives up to your standards.  In turn, these instructions can then be used as the basis for effective delegation of tasks that are simply not the highest and best use of your time.  This works even when you are outsourcing instead of adding employees.  Furthermore, a properly implemented Biz OS will provide accurate and timely performance feedback on critical business metrics so that you are confident that processes are flawlessly carried out.

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07-03-2015 17:08:44

The One Thing Revealed

In our previous two articles, we shared how The One Thing can completely transform your business and, as promised, this article will reveal The One Thing—what it is called and why it is important for your company.

The One Thing goes by many names: Systematizing, Systemizing, Enterprise Operating Systems, etc.  We prefer to think of it as creating your Business Operating System.  Just like the operating system makes your laptop, tablet or smartphone do amazing things, your Business Operating System enables your company to function the in a manner that enables you to achieve your ultimate goals.


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06-22-2015 12:16:50

The One Thing--How It Can Shape Your Company

Our initial post entitled The One Thing introduced the concept that there is a single thing that, if you pursue it with diligence and execute it well, will result in a wide range of benefits for you and your company. Before we explore those benefits in detail, this post will describe the kind of company you will end up creating as a result of having put in place The One Thing.

Although experts can’t agree on the actual Stages of Companies/Businesses, there is ample support for using the term Third Stage to describe the kind of company we’re all trying to create. Small and large, third-stage companies have reached the point where they can largely sustain themselves.  Their CEOs have put in place systems that allow them to spend more of their time on strategic matters and they have managed to strike a healthy balance with their personal and business lives.  A Third Stage company has other traits as well:


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06-16-2015 14:30:06
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