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A Pattern And A Solution

Early this year, I noticed a pattern in what business leaders were saying throughout the region:

  • Some were expressing frustration over turnover among key employees and the disruption and cost incurred as a result.
  • Others were reluctant to delegate more responsibility to key employees because they had been disappointed so many times before.
  • Some were concerned about how they were going to handle important inflection points in their growth.
  • Others observed that important team members were struggling to keep up with the demands of a changing marketplace or workforce.
  • A few were searching for ways to engage top-notch employees who showed real promise but had no immediate promotion pathway.

Do you see the pattern? So did I.

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08-22-2015 13:38:12

The One Thing Revealed

In our previous two articles, we shared how The One Thing can completely transform your business and, as promised, this article will reveal The One Thing—what it is called and why it is important for your company.

The One Thing goes by many names: Systematizing, Systemizing, Enterprise Operating Systems, etc.  We prefer to think of it as creating your Business Operating System.  Just like the operating system makes your laptop, tablet or smartphone do amazing things, your Business Operating System enables your company to function the in a manner that enables you to achieve your ultimate goals.


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06-22-2015 12:16:50

Develop Your Leaders, Transform Your Company

What could be more important to your company’s future than choosing and cultivating its future leaders?

Whether you’re the CEO presiding over hundreds of employees or the founder of a small but growing business, your success hinges on consistently getting superior results from yourself and your team.

Why, then, is leadership development so often overlooked? The answer lies somewhere in our own understanding of what it means to be the boss. Have you seen or experienced situations like these experienced by Nick?:

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05-29-2015 19:49:14