Still think employee engagement is just another buzz word?  Top-performing organizations don't--they achieve superior outcomes because they understand the importance of employee engagement.

In a recent survey, Gallup, Inc. found that world-class organizations boast a ratio of engaged to not-engaged employees of 9.6 to 1.  Average organizations, on the other hand, score a dismal 1.8 to 1.  On average, only 29% of employees report feeling engaged with their work.  More than half (54%) reported that they were not engaged while a shocking 17% indicated that they are actively disengaged.

Perhaps this explains why most entrepreneurs at the helm of growing companies along with managers who are leading growing departments are so concerned with how to manage people.  This represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs and executives to develop their leadership skills as well as their work force to achieve dramatically improved outcomes.

We all know business leaders who are struggling to find the right balance between maintaining control and delegating.  Many are convinced that they simply can’t delegate important or sensitive matters.  Others create exceedingly rigid processes in an effort to maintain control.  Others define the outcomes, set the parameters and closely monitor the outcomes.  The difference in approach is driven by the managers’ confidence in the work force.  Which approach would you take?

How can you gauge the extent to which you are missing the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and creativity of your work force?  If you answer yes to three or more of these questions, you have a real opportunity to make dramatic improvements in employee engagement:

  • Does my work force suffer from low morale?
  • Are my revenue and profits stagnant or declining?
  • Do employees tend to point fingers and dodge accountability?
  • Is employee turnover increasing?
  • Do employees gossip more than in the past?
  • Does my work force lack the skills needed for me to delegate more?

To take full advantage of the opportunity that awaits and to tap into the full potential of your people, please contact us.


07-13-2012 23:06:46