It’s hard to believe that this month marks the 5-year Anniversary for Leading Logic! A lot can go wrong in 5 years and a lot can go right. One of the many things that went right and a primary reason that time seems to have passed so quickly is that I have had the good fortune and privilege of providing business coaching to so many amazing clients who decided once and for all to make their companies work for them instead of being consumed by their companies. I congratulate and thank every one of you!

Although I value the relationship I have with every single client, some have left indelible impressions on me as they pursued their journeys of personal and business growth. Melissa at Kuzma Technical Enterprises rose to meet every challenge and now has an impressive team working with her. Linda at Chesapeake Health and Fitness combined creativity and systemization to continue growing.

Mike at Coastal Web Services followed through on every goal, reducing cycle times and increasing sales dramatically. Janice at Best Bark Communications leveraged her faith and tremendous experience to take her company in a whole new direction. Jim at Hillside Heating and Cooling continues to systematize while building customer loyalty with amazing results. And these are just a handful of examples of how rewarding it is for me as a business coach.

Which leads us to the title of this post and the new tagline for Leading Logic: Business results for life. It captures the real sentiment of what we do for our clients and can be interpreted in a couple of different ways, both of which are accurate.

First, it means that we help our clients live their lives in ways that are most fulfilling to them. When you view your business is a vehicle for getting you where you really want to go in life, it becomes easier to drive it, fuel it and maintain it. We help clients get the results that allow them to enjoy what really matters—life.

Second, it means that we help our clients build lasting value, the kind that endures for a lifetime. This is important whether you intend to sell your company, grow it into a major enterprise or hand it off to another generation. I’ve had the honor of working with a fourth-generation company that is stronger than ever and I’ve experienced the sadness of talking with a different fourth-generation company that might not survive another year. 

We view it as our mission to help every business possible continue to celebrate exciting new milestones and anniversaries. It’s what we do. Be sure you are getting Business results for life by scheduling your complimentary Discovery Session now.

04-04-2017 15:53:00