PatternEarly this year, I noticed a pattern in what business leaders were saying throughout the region:

  • Some were expressing frustration over turnover among key employees and the disruption and cost incurred as a result.
  • Others were reluctant to delegate more responsibility to key employees because they had been disappointed so many times before.
  • Some were concerned about how they were going to handle important inflection points in their growth.
  • Others observed that important team members were struggling to keep up with the demands of a changing marketplace or workforce.
  • A few were searching for ways to engage top-notch employees who showed real promise but had no immediate promotion pathway.

Do you see the pattern? So did I.

In response, I offered a Leadership Development process that would help CEOS, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Non Profit executives a way to help their people and, subsequently, their organizations, excel rather than struggle. The response was more than encouraging.

Called The Leadership Difference, this unique process combines the cost-saving benefits of Group Courses with the company-boosting benefits of customized Action Planning and individual flexibility of independent study.

Have you ever experienced the cost and frustration of sending key employees off to a seminar, workshop, or training program and see them come back full of enthusiasm and ideas which have no immediate bearing on your organization? We all have. And, we’ve all seen that enthusiasm fade quickly after reality sets in and we’ve all become rather skeptical of such programs as a result.

The Leadership Difference avoids all that and sets you, your organization and participants from your organization up for success rather than failure.

How refreshing would it be if, during the Development Process, your key people engaged you in meaningful discussion over the future of your organization, your goals, and your plans and then built an Action Plan for accomplishing them? That’s just one of the key features of The Leadership Difference. Because it involves you and your organization and doesn’t take place in a vacuum, you’ll see real, meaningful results!

For example, a local web development company nearly tripled its revenue and doubled its workforce after completing the Development Process. Local business owner Lisa B. remarks, “As a result of [Leading Logic’s] Leadership Development program, I’ve really been able to work my priorities and truly connect with my customers and my team.”

How can you take advantage of The Leadership Difference? Just click on the this link for more information or to register.


08-22-2015 13:38:12